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2016 Bronze Medal Award

Selepak, Kuligowski, Fernandez, Reneke, Hagwood, Peacock, Averill

Selepak, Kuligowski, Fernandez, Reneke, Hagwood, Peacock, Averill


This team is recognized for the collection and dissemination of the largest raw and analyzed evacuation dataset to characterize evacuee movement on stairs during building evacuation. From this 10-year effort, a full-building evacuation database was collected from 14 buildings (11 office buildings and 3 residential buildings, ranging from 6 to 62 stories in height). This dataset, with a total of more than 22,000 measurements of the movements of evacuees on stairwells, and analysis of this data, is the first of its kind made available for download and use by engineers, designers/architects, researchers, building owners, and others involved in safer and cost-effective building and emergency-procedures designs.


Richard Peacock

Chemical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Paul Reneke

Computer Scientist
Engineering Laboratory

Charles Hagwood

Mathematical Statistician
Information Technology Laboratory

Michael Selepak

Engineering Technician
Engineering Laboratory

Marco Fernandez

Engineering Technician
Engineering Laboratory

Jason Averill

Supervisory Civil Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Erica Kuligowski

Supervisory Fire Protection Engineer
Engineering Laboratory