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2016 Bronze Medal Award

Zube, Maynard

Zube, Maynard


Honeyeh Zube and J’aime Maynard are recognized for their leadership, development and implementation of highly successful and robust Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) for NIST.  Ms. Zube and Ms. Maynard have designed and stood up a system for the successful, timely, and pleasant installation of NIST CRADAs, which enables NIST scientists to seamlessly work with industry, academia, and non-federal government entities. Their interactive approach provides a practical understanding of the CRADA principles to everyone involved, gives all parties the context needed to integrate their assets directly into a successful agreement for their organizations, and provides NIST with a ready-made vehicle to advance its mission and leverage its resources.


Honeyeh Zube

Physical Scientist
Technology Partnerships Office

J’aime Maynard

Information Specialist
Technology Partnerships Office