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2016 Arthur S. Flemming Award

Daniel S. Hussey

Daniel S. Hussey


For his pioneering contributions in neutron imaging, which are not only advancing current technologies but are also pushing the frontiers of what is possible. Dr. Hussey is internationally known for developing a highly sensitive neutron phase imaging technique with applications in semiconductor, biology, geology and alternative-energy research, and has leveraged this expertise to demonstrate the world' s first practical neutron microscope. This will fill a significant gap in the length scales of current neutron-scattering technologies. He has helped advance hydrogen fuel cell technologies and hydrogen storage devices by applying his cutting-edge neutron measurement techniques to overcoming technology barriers related to water/hydrogen transport. The techniques and methods that he developed are becoming industry standards and are used by most major fuel-cell and battery manufacturers as well as by automotive companies, universities, and national laboratories. He has also applied his unique expertise to the development of an innovative method that is contributing to one of the most important physics experiments of our time -- the measurement of the electric dipole moment of the neutron.


Daniel Hussey

Physical Measurement Laboratory