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NIST AV Research Lead Describes NIST’s Automated Vehicle Effort to Global Auto Alliance

NIST AV Research Lead Describes NIST’s Automated Vehicle Effort to Global Auto Alliance

In June 2023, NIST’s Automated Vehicle (AV) Research Lead, Ed Griffor, provided an overview of NIST’s AV Strategic and Emerging Research Initiatives to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents the major automotive industry and industry partners, globally.

NIST’s AV research program was informed by its 2022 AV workshop with over 800 AV stakeholders, stated Griffor. These stakeholders include the U.S. Department of Transportation, Michigan Tech, SAE International, and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Based on stakeholder input, NIST’s AV research program has focused on:

  • Developing measurement science for AV sensors and AV communications
  • Minimizing risk in artificial intelligence (AI) for AVs
  • Adapting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to AVs
  • Developing testing capabilities to measure how AV sub-systems work together

For the new testing capabilities, NIST is developing a reproducible, systems interaction testbed, which uses measurement science and standards, for assessing AVs. The testbed contains both virtual (simulation) and physical components. NIST’s testing approach begins with simulations, followed by laboratory implementation and then track testing with partner institutes.

On September 5-8, 2023, noted Griffor, NIST will conduct its 2023 Standards and Performance Metrics for On-Road Automated Vehicles Workshop. The workshop will provide industry keynote presentations an update on NIST research including measurement science for roadway infrastructure that supports AVs, and a discussion forum for stakeholder input.

Released August 1, 2023, Updated August 30, 2023