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Top 5 at 5x5: Essential guide to public safety “don’t miss” sessions to boost your agency’s communications

By: The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR)

Get ready to experience 5x5: The Public Safety Innovation Summit. Join us in San Diego, June 28-30, for a three-day event hosted by FirstNet Authority and NIST PSCR.

If you’re interested in learning more about current and upcoming trends in public safety technology, then 5x5 is the place to be. 

Here is a sneak peek at five sessions public safety professionals won’t want to skip:

  1. Learn from public safety leaders: Keynotes from Undersheriff Sylvia Moir and Chief Daniel Munsey 
    5x5 welcomes two public safety leaders to share their thoughts on how public safety uses communications technology to keep communities safe, prepare for emergencies, and respond to incidents. 

    Keynote given by Undersheriff Sylvia Moir: A police executive with more than three decades of public safety experience, Sylvia Moir currently serves as an Undersheriff for Marin County in California and as FirstNet Authority Board member. Undersheriff Moir will share her perspectives on the role of public safety communications in the delivery of law enforcement services and how technology and research inform that response. 

    Keynote given by Chief Daniel R. Munsey: Chief Munsey serves as the Fire Chief/Fire Warden for the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District in California. As the Fire Chief to the largest county in area in the United States, Chief Munsey will discuss his insights on protecting a community of over two million residents, offering fire suppression and protection services, and organizing multi-agency disaster response exercises.
  2. Experience the power and performance of public safety technology solutions in live demos
    5x5 will offer more than 50 live demos. Here are two you should look for:  

    FirstNet Compact Rapid Deployables (CRDs): The FirstNet Authority and FirstNet Built with AT&T will bring two CRDs and a miniCRD on site for you to see in action. FirstNet CRDs offer coverage anytime and anywhere. Find out about the many benefits these unique mobile assets can offer your agency―from transportability and durability to connectivity and ease of use. See for yourself how a single person can rapidly deploy a CRD in 15 minutes or less! 

    Public Safety Immersive Test Center: The FirstNet Authority and PSCR launched the Immersive Test Center for first responders to train in a realistic environment through augmented and virtual environments. The test center allows researchers to evaluate technology interventions with first responders in a controlled environment. At 5x5, you will be able to put a headset on for yourself and see the virtual apartment scenario. You will virtually step into public safety scenarios, like a smoke-filled space with a victim needing rescue.
  3. See how public safety broadband is being discussed on Capitol Hill 
    In this panel, Congressional staffers will share their insights about the latest developments in public safety communications technology issues. This unique opportunity allows you to dive into the intricacies of what is currently transpiring on Capitol Hill, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the House and Senate's priorities. Explore the dynamic landscape surrounding the FirstNet Authority and NIST PSCR and understand the crucial initiatives and advancements shaping the future of public safety communications.
  4. Ask the question you’ve always wanted to in “Does Your Device Really Know Where It Is?”
    How do smartphones calculate location? How do devices determine location inside or outside? Tune into this enlightening and informative discussion about the intricacies behind location accuracy. Plus, find out what happens when your device combines sensors, predictive tech, data points, and more to enhance situational awareness.
  5. Expand your readiness at the panel “Mission Requirements for Public Safety Aviation and Maritime Operations”
    Take a deeper dive into public safety broadband use in aerial and maritime environments. Hear directly from experts about the exciting innovations that are enhancing everyday operations, including: telemetry sharing during flight, drone use for real-time 3D mapping, and location sharing in search and rescue missions. Chief Peter Burke from the Hyannis Fire Department in Massachusetts will discuss outcomes for broadband use and key lessons for future use. 

Register today for the 5x5 Summit! For more information, check out the full three-day agenda of events and activities. 5x5 is the gathering place to share your ideas, receive valuable feedback, and connect with other leaders in public safety communications.

Released June 7, 2023