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NIST, Industry Researchers Assess Factors Affecting Industrial Wireless Systems

NIST, Industry Researchers Assess Factors Affecting Industrial Wireless Systems

Researchers from Emerson Automation, Spearix Technologies, and NIST's Industrial Wireless Systems team recently assessed wireless factors – or "aggressors" – which could degrade the performance of industrial wireless systems. Emerson, a maker of factory automation technologies, and Spearix, a provider of industrial radio solutions, are actively involved in the NIST-chaired, IEEE P3388 Working Group, which seeks to develop a standard for assessing Industrial Wireless Systems.

Researchers conducted the tests at the NIST Gaithersburg campus, reproducing and assessing the impact of industrial wireless aggressors, which included:

  • Multi-path propagation caused by large physical obstructions and reflective clutter
  • Coexistence interference caused by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals impacting 802.15.4 networks
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) caused by Tungsten Inert Gas arc welding

Researchers also assessed the impact of wireless aggressors on data packets, delivered via single- and multi-core radios. They found multi-core radios performs well in scenarios, which indicated potential advantages for industry.  Researchers will report their findings to the IEEE P3388 Working Group. 

Released February 1, 2023, Updated March 22, 2023