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Regional Measurement Assurance Program (RMAP) Back on the Move

The Laboratory Metrology Program is wrapping up this year’s Regional Measurement Assurance Program (RMAP) training for the State Weights and Measures Laboratory Programs. This included the Southeast Measurement Assurance Program (SEMAP), Western Regional Assurance Program (WRAP), Northeast Measurement Assurance Program (NEMAP), Southwest Assurance Program (SWAP), and MidAmerica Measurement Assurance Program (MidMAP).

The Laboratory Metrology Program thanks the Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Wisconsin Metrology State Laboratories, respectively, for hosting their Regional training, with over 85 trainees that had traveled and successfully completed the training. The in-person training proved to be effective and provided participating programs with great input on best practices in maintaining quality centered metrology programs and outputting traceable calibrations. Twenty percent of the trainees were first-timers to the in-person RMAP training and were able to increase their network of metrologists for future support in sustaining their laboratory programs.

Outside group photo of Southwestern Assurance Program (SWAP) training
Southwestern Assurance Program (SWAP) training in Las Cruces, NM from September 12 to 15, 2022.
Group photo outside of MidMAP training attendees
The MidAmerica Measurement Assurance Program (MidMAP) training was held in Madison, WI from September 26 to 29, 2022
Released September 26, 2022, Updated September 30, 2022