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Recognizing June as National Cybersecurity Education Month

Congress Declares June 2022 as “National Cybersecurity Education Month”

National Cybersecurity Education Month Resolution

The Congress of the United States has resolved that June 2022 shall be designated as “National Cybersecurity Education month” in an effort to recognize the essential role of cybersecurity education to the NICE vision to “prepare, grow, and sustain a cybersecurity workforce that safeguards and promotes America’s national security and economic prosperity.” The bipartisan and bicameral resolution (House Resolution 1154 and Senate Resolution 680) was introduced in the House of Representatives and the Senate earlier this month, and agreed to by the Senate on June 15th.

At the Annual NICE Conference & Expo held in Atlanta earlier in June as part of National Cybersecurity Education Month, new CyberSeek data was announced that revealed a significant increase in the number of open jobs in cybersecurity in the United States.  Several public and private sector entities continue to coordinate efforts to address the cybersecurity workforce shortage by expanding educational opportunities.  Even though cybersecurity education occurs throughout the year, there are several efforts during the month of June to bring the cybersecurity education community together through conferences, workshops, teacher training, faculty development, summer camps, and more. 

The Annual NICE Conference & Expo will now move permanently to the month of June.  The next NICE Conference will be held in Seattle, Washington, on June 5-7, 2023. 

According to the Resolution for National Cybersecurity Education Month, during the month of June:

Individuals and organizations are invited to:

  • Recognize the role of cybersecurity education
  • Support Federal, State, and local efforts

Congress commits to:

  • Raising awareness about cybersecurity education
  • Taking legislative action in support of cybersecurity education to build and sustain the cybersecurity workforce


Read the Full Resolution

Released June 23, 2022