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OWM Launches New Metrology Training Needs Survey

The Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) is a relatively small office at NIST, but has a big footprint in the weights and measures community.  With just over 20 staff members, we provide technical support to at least 3,000 weights and measures officials across the States, in addition to Federal agencies, consumer groups and industry.  As part of our core programmatic efforts, a large majority of our staff are responsible to design and deliver training for laboratory metrologists and weights and measures officials, while measuring the impact and effectiveness of training to ensure continual improvement of our services. 

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Our pre-pandemic OWM training program was mainly designed for in-person training, either in the field or at NIST in our metrology training laboratories.  During the pandemic, OWM was able to quickly develop and deliver online training events to over 3,000 individuals.  As we now are returning to our campus, we need to assess how we can embrace hybrid learning opportunities and evaluate how OWM can best develop future training for the weights and measures community. 

Thus, OWM has created a Training Need Assessment Survey to help identify and leverage our strengths, while discovering any needed areas for improvement and new opportunities.  Click here to take the survey now. Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!    

Released March 25, 2022, Updated March 29, 2022