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Two New NIST Reference Materials for Assuring Measurements of Nutrients in Formula

RM 8260 Infant Nutritional Formula (hydrolyzed milk-based) and RM 8261 Adult Nutritional Formula (high-protein)

RM 8261

To help ensure that babies and patients get all the essential amino acids and other nutrients that they need, infant and prescription adult nutritional formulas are some of the most regulated foods in the world. Two new NIST reference materials help manufacturers of infant and adult nutritional formulas demonstrate that their measurements of nutrients are sound.

The two new nutritional formula reference materials help manufacturers to validate new methods of measurement as well as measurements of new formulations of their products, which change as science demonstrates the benefits of added ingredients. The measurement work for RMs 8260 and 8261 was performed in industry labs using industry-approved methods.

The information sheets for RMs 8260 and 8261 include values for vitamins (like A, Bs, C, D3, and E) and minerals (like calcium, potassium, and zinc) critical to health, and essential amino and fatty acids and oligosaccharides. In addition to measurement validation, manufacturers use unbiased, reference materials like these to demonstrate that their label claims of nutrients are backed by sound measurements.

Each unit of both new reference materials contains approximately 400 grams of powdered formula that can be stored at room temperature.

Released June 30, 2021, Updated July 19, 2022