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Group Members Participate in the Biennial European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials


FRPM Outline
Figure 1. Reduced-Scale Test to Assess the Effect of Fire Barriers on the Combustion Behavior of Core Flammable Materials


Three members of the NIST Flammability Reduction group recently traveled to Turku, Finland for the biennial European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials (FRPM19). 

Dr. Mauro Zammarano delivered a keynote presentation highlighting the results of a bench-scale experiment (the “Cube Test”) developed to capture the physical mechanisms (mass and heat transfer effects) of fire barriers that can be used to reduce the fire hazard of flammable core materials. 

Upholstered furniture was used as a case study to demonstrate the capability of the Cube Test to predict full-scale fire performance (within the limited data set available) and to rank the effectiveness of fire barriers. A .pdf copy of this presentation as available for download by clicking Fig. 1 or here


Thompson Talk
Figure 2. Assessing the Effect of Barrier Fabrics on the Heat Release Rate of Upholstered Furniture


Dr. Andre Thompson presented a related poster (Fig. 2) highlighting the results of full-scale experiments assessing the effectiveness of fire barriers to reduce the potential fire hazard (i.e., fire growth rate, peak heat release rate, HRR, and drip pool formation) of residential upholstered furniture. 

These presentations highlight the results of ongoing research conducted as part of the Reduced Flammability of Residential Upholstered Furniture Project.

More information about FRPM19 is available at:

Released July 1, 2019, Updated January 28, 2020