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American Chemical Society highlights NIST paper with Editor’s Choice Award

A recent manuscript published in the ACS journal Energy & Fuels was selected for the Editor’s Choice Award, which is given to just one paper every day across the ACS Publications portfolio of 61 scholarly journals. The paper, “A Distillation Approach to Phase Equilibrium Measurements of Multicomponent Fluid Mixtures,” was authored by Drs. Megan E. Harries, Marcia L. Huber, and Thomas J. Bruno of the Applied Chemicals and Materials Division. It introduces a new method developed by NIST to rapidly and accurately measure the vapor-liquid equilibrium of mixtures with more than two components, a previously challenging and time-consuming measurement.

The manuscript is Open Access as a result of the Editor’s Choice designation. It can be found on the ACS website here:

Released June 26, 2019, Updated May 27, 2020