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America’s Strategy for STEM Education

The White House has announced a new 5-year STEM strategy, Charting a Course for Success: America’s Strategy for STEM Education.

NICE Interagency Coordinating Council Members including Jeff Weld (OSTP), Davina Pruitt-Mentle (NICE/NIST), and Albert Palacios (ED) participated in drafting the strategy. Cybersecurity is intertwined into portions of the document, including a section on promoting digital literacy and cyber safety, which identifies the need to expand and diversify the Nation’s cybersecurity workforce. See the excerpt below:

“. . . careers in cybersecurity will be in high demand to ensure that the United States maintains a long-term cybersecurity advantage, and the Federal Government has identified the need for enhanced direct Federal action—as well as convening new public-private partnerships—to expand and diversify the Nation’s cybersecurity workforce.”

To this end, we will be hosting a NICE Webinar on “Computational Thinking and Skills: A Foundation for STEM and Cybersecurity Education” on January 16 at 2-3pm EST. More details on NICE Webinars can be found at

Released December 4, 2018