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National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week is Here!




National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week (NCCAW), brought to you by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity (NICE), is a week-long campaign focused on increasing awareness about careers in cybersecurity and building a national cybersecurity workforce to enhance America’s security and promote economic prosperity. NICE brings to the forefront information of local, regional, and national interest to inspire, educate and engage citizens to pique their interest in cybersecurity careers. National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week takes place during November’s National Career Development Month, and each day of the week-long celebration provides for an opportunity to learn about the contributions, innovations, and opportunities that can be found by choosing a career in cybersecurity.

Join us in encouraging awareness and exploration of cybersecurity careers by promoting cybersecurity careers through written or online announcements and resources, conducting outreach to share your career insights with youth or adults, or hosting or participating in an event near you! Throughout the week, stakeholders can also help us spread the word by posting to Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms using #CYBERCAREERWEEK and #MYCYBERJOB. 

Need Ideas to Help You Promote National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week?

Join the national campaign by registering yourself, your students, and sharing with others the two fantastic resources below to introduce students and young adults to the cybersecurity field.

Comic-BEE: Interactive Cybersecurity Careers Conversation Starter

Comic-BEE is a web-based technology designed to assist cybersecurity educators and subject matter experts, who are neither programmers nor artists, to develop web-based branching, graphic stories that are closely aligned with instructional goals.

Use a comic as a ‘conversation starter’ for your NCCAW activity – learners can read comics individually or in pairs, explore different cybersecurity scenarios and see what happens with different choices, and explore the skills of a cybersecurity practitioner. 

Explore at Comic-BEE

Start Engineering: Cybersecurity Career Guide

To engage students who fit within the broad spectrum of cybersecurity workforce needs will require more substantive, nuanced ways of talking about the field. Discussion will need to move beyond the common approach of focusing on hardware, networks, and operating systems--it will take integration of cybersecurity content across multiple disciplines. Use the Cybersecurity Career Guide to help students discover and learn:

  • What cybersecurity is and why it is an exciting field; 
  • What cybersecurity career options are available; and 
  • What are possible pathways to enter the cybersecurity workforce. 

Read more about increasing the cybersecurity workforce through the Start Engineering Cybersecurity Careers Blog.

Explore at

If your organization is hosting an event to celebrate National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, no matter what date you've chosen, let us know.

Learn more about events and resources in support of National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week at

Released November 13, 2018, Updated October 7, 2019