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MML Staff Teaches Foundations of Cryocoolers


Ray Radebaugh, Fellow Emeritus in MML’s Applied Chemicals and Materials Division, recently presented two short courses on the fundamentals and latest advances in cryocooler technologies.  As part of the International Cryocooler Conference (ICC), on June 18 Dr. Radebaugh led a full day short course for 35 attendees titled Foundations of Cryocoolers which began with a study of cryocooler fundamentals, followed by a description of how these principles are used in various types of gas-cycle cryocoolers to achieve temperatures from about 2 K to 150 K. There was a focus on both miniaturization and increased refrigeration power, as well as discussion of hybrid systems operating deep in the sub-kelvin temperature range. Dr. Radebaugh’s co-instructor was a Senior Researcher at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: on August 28, Dr. Radebaugh modified and expanded the course for NASA, geared specifically for the 25 Goddard researchers and engineers who attended.   Space applications are some of the many beneficiaries of modern cryocooler technologies. 

Released June 18, 2018, Updated September 4, 2018