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NIST Announces New Round of Small Business Innovation Research Program Grants

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is announcing that its FY 2016 Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) is open. The "Phase I" FFO will close on April 14, 2016. SBIR is a competitive program that encourages domestic small businesses to engage in federally funded R&D opportunities that have the potential for commercialization. Phase I is used to determine the technical feasibility of the research. Awards of up to $100,000 are given.

The FFO describes 19 specific technologies for development:

Advanced Sensing for Manufacturing

  • Absolute Interferometry with Nanometer Precision
  • Design of Fiber-coupled Waveguide Difference Frequency Generation Devices
  • High-Accuracy Angle Generator for Precision Measurements
  • High-Density Cryogenic Probe Station
  • High Temperature In Situ Pressure Sensor
  • Iron Corrosion Detection Technology Using THz Waves: A Field-operable Unit Based on NIST Spectroscopic Technology
  • Object Identification and Localization via Non-Contact Sensing for Enhancing Robotic Systems in Manufacturing Operations
  • Pre-Concentration Technology for Analysis of Halocarbon Gases at Trace Levels
  • Quantitative Magnetometry of Single Nanoparticles with High

Throughput Biomanufacturing

  • Measurement Tools to Advance the Development and Manufacturing of Biologic Medicines

Cryptography and Privacy

  • Personal Data Stores to Put Users in Charge of Their Own Information

Cyber Physical Systems

  • A Category-Theoretic Tool for Modeling Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Manufacturing Process Reference Data for Sustainability
  • Novel Methods for Determining Commercial Building Envelope Airtightness
  • Single-Chip eLoran Receiver
  • Smart Visualization of Smart Manufacturing

Lab to Market

  • NIST Technology Transfer

Materials Genome

  • Infrastructure Requirements and Architecture to Enable Scalable Scientific Data and Metadata Acquisition and Curation

Quantum-based Sensors and Measurements

  • Highly Efficient Optical Frequency Converters for Quantum Interfaces

The complete FFO is available on the website under grant opportunity 2016-NIST-SBIR-01.

For more information, please visit the NIST SBIR program website.

Released February 3, 2016, Updated January 24, 2023