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PML's Ohno receives first "SSL Visionary Award"

Yoshi Ohno, a group leader in PML's Sensor Science Division, was recently honored by the Department of Energy as the first recipient of the SSL Visionary Award. The award was presented at DOE's annual SSL R&D Workshop in January.

Solid State Lighting (SSL), which includes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and similar organic systems under development, are of interest because of their better energy efficiency, compared to other lighting technologies. However, they have challenged the traditional metrics of lighting quality and color rendering that attained wide use in the eras of incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Ohno was cited, "for contributions to the field of color science," as it applied to SSL measurement, color perception, and the development of industry consensus standards.

The citation went on to say, "Yoshi is active in numerous lighting technical organizations including CIE, ISO, ANSI, and IESNA and serves on technical committees related to SSL within these organizations. Yoshi's contributions to SSL have shaped the entire industry and led to higher quality products and more rapid adoption and energy savings from SSL sources."

For more information about NIST's solid state lighting program, see Solid-state lighting metrology.

Released April 29, 2014, Updated November 23, 2016