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March Cloud Computing Meetings at NIST Discuss Impact on Mobile Devices, Forensic Science

Logo that says NIST Cloud Computing Program and has a half blue cloud

As part of its cloud computing forum and workshop series, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is hosting two meetings in March at its Gaithersburg, Md. Campus, "The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility" from March 25-27, 2014, and the "Cloud Computing Forensic Science Workshop" on March 24.

The March 25-27 meeting will bring together leaders in cloud computing and mobility from industry, government and academia, and will explore the advantages of using low-end mobile devices to receive unlimited mobile application services.

On day one, agency executives will address federal perspectives and visions for cloud and mobility. Panelists will discuss the current state of cloud and mobile and share near and future applications and technologies.

The second day will be devoted to current challenges at the intersection of cloud and mobility and sharing "lessons learned." Presentations will explore important issues including privacy, security, business/economic and behavioral issues. Another session will focus on challenges in the fields of finance, first responder support and intelligence.

Based on the discussions of the first two days, attendees will spend the third day developing a plan for future actions. Each day will end with a "breakout" session focused on that day's task.

As with past cloud computing workshops, the first day of the meeting also will cover progress on the U.S. Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap Priority Action Plans. The session will focus on metrics, standards, service level agreements and security reference architecture.

Cloud computing and accessibility is a new discussion topic this year. A public working group will focus on accessing information resources in multiple formats from a broad range of devices. This adds ease-of-use to electronic devices. Several breakout sessions will discuss this extension of accessibility.

Get more information on or register for "The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility."

Seeking evidence in the cloud is a new challenge in digital forensics. NIST is bringing together experts in the field to discuss the new issues the cloud brings, such as data replication, locating evidence and multi-tenancy, which is when IT resources such as hardware and software are shared by multiple users.

On March 24, the "NIST Cloud Computing Forensic Science" workshop will bring together international experts and those new to the field to delve into the current state of cloud forensics, identify needs and challenges and define next steps.

A session will be devoted to describing the cloud forensics challenges compiled by the NIST-hosted Cloud Computing Forensic Science Working Group. In another session, participants will develop a plan for future work in this emerging technology area. Get more information and register for the workshop.

Released March 7, 2014, Updated January 30, 2023