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Joseph Stroscio Receives AVS Nanotechnology Recognition Award

NIST Fellow Joseph Stroscio was honored with the 2009 Nanotechnology Recognition Award at the AVS 56th International Symposium in San Jose, California on November 10, 2009. This award recognizes a member of the Nanoscale Science and Technology Division of the AVS for outstanding scientific and technical contributions in the science of nanometer-scale structures, technology transfer involving nanometer-scale structures, and/or the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and development in these areas. Joe was cited "for his pioneering development of instrumentation to create and characterize nanostructures enabling fundamental insights into the mechanisms of atom manipulation and the magneto-electric properties of low-dimensional structures." Joe is a Project Leader in the Electron Physics Group, performing measurements of the geometric and electronic structure of surfaces and nanostructures, including those created by atom manipulation, using innovative ultra-high vacuum, cryogenic/high-magnetic-field scanning probe microscopy systems developed at NIST.

Released December 21, 2009, Updated January 24, 2023