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2004 Baldrige Winners' Applications Available

While the overall frozen baked goods industry has remained relatively flat, sales for The Bama Companies have increased 72 percent; total revenue has grown from $123 million in 1999 to $211 million in 2004. Small manufacturer Texas Nameplate Company used innovative processes and new technology to decrease cycle time by 50 percent and increase profits by 40 percent. For the past several years, Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business has scored in the top 1 percent for overall student satisfaction and has been above the 90th percentile nationally for academic rigor. Over the past five years, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton has steadily improved its market share, especially in the areas of cardiology and oncology. The hospital's retention rate for nurses is at 99 percent.

To learn more about the outstanding results and innovative practices that earned these four organizations the 2004 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, see their recently released award application summaries.

The Baldrige Award recognizes organizations in manufacturing, small business, service, education and health care for their performance excellence and quality achievement.

Released June 2, 2005, Updated February 6, 2023