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Workshop on in-situ synchrotron studies of the kinetics of nanostructured, self-assembled, thin film formation

A variety of novel technologies, ranging from block copolymers for photoresists to organic solar cells rely on the large-area, controlled, rapid, low thermal budget fabrication of targeted nanostructures in thin films. It is becoming increasing apparent that a full understanding of the evolution of these structures requires real-time, in-situ studies of film formation. This workshop will draw the pioneering groups performing in-situ studies to discuss: the engineering challenges of incorporating manufacturing relevant conditions (web and blade coating, controlled drying) and complementary techniques (reflectometry, gravimetrics, etc.) into beam-line experiments; the technical challenges surrounding acquisition and reduction of the resultant large data sets; and the emerging relevant scientific principles of dynamic assembly.



Workshop is co-sponsored by:

The Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


The National Institute of Standards and Technology


Tues Oct 8th

1:30 PM Opening remarks

Structure Formation in Functional Organic Films I

1:45        Amassian (KAUST) Multi-probe in situ investigation of spin-cast bulk heterojunction solar cells

2:15        Chabinyc (UCSB) In-Situ Studies of Structure and Interface States in Small Molecule Solar Cells

2:45        Ahmad (SLAC)      In-situ Rapid Thermal Processing Facility

3:15        coffee break

3:30        Ameri (iMEET) Morphological aspects of the high performance ternary composites

Structure Formation in Block Copolymer Films

4:00        Gu (UM-Amherst) Block copolymer thin films during solvent vapor annealing: What About Confinement and Frustration

4:30        Martin (VT) In-situ Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering as a Means of Monitoring the Structural Evolution of Films During Solution Casting

5:00        Awards dinner

Wed Oct 9th

Advanced Synchrotron Studies of OPV Materials (Combined Session)

8:30 AM   Barrena (ICMAB) Insights into the structural formation and drying kinetics of knife coated polymer-fullerene films for organic solar cells

9:00        Liu (UMass) Characterizing the morphology of high crystalline low band gap polymer BHJ blends in organic photovoltaics.         

9:30        Pearson (Sheffield) Thin-film structure formation in solution cast polymer:fullerene blends for Organic Solar Cell applications - insights from two well-known systems.           

10:00     coffee break

10:30     Gomez (PSU) Correlating high performance in polymer thin film transistors and block copolymer photovoltaics with signatures from resonant soft X-ray scattering

11:00     Salleo (Stanford U) In-situ X-ray and optical crystallization studies of a model semicrystalline polythiophene: what can we learn about the crystal growth from the melt?

11:30     Collins (NIST) A model to explain anisotropic resonant X-ray scattering from isotropic organic systems             

12:00     Lunch

Structure Formation in Functional Organic Films II

1:30 PM   Richter (NIST) Multi-modal In-situ studies of additive effects in the formation of blade coated OPV films

2:00        Mannsfeld (SLAC) X-ray scattering from in-situ printed Organic Semiconductor Thin Films                                   

2:30        Headrick (VT) In-situ x-ray diffraction studies solution-cast organic semiconductor films deposited by the pen-writer method                      

3:00        coffee break

Contributed talks

3:30        Reinspach In-situ x-ray scattering of solution-printed organic bulk heterojunction (BHJ) solar cells

3:50        Wang In-situ SAXS/WAXS study of OPV coating with a Mini Slot-die coater

A large number of rooms have been set aside at the Berkeley Lab Guest House. The Guest House is featuring discounted rates for the rest of the year. As the Guest House is located adjacent to the ALS and just uphill from the Building 50 Auditorium, meeting attendees are encouraged to book rooms there for their convenience

Created August 16, 2013, Updated May 13, 2016