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NIST Smart Grid Framework Introduction Webinar

NIST Smart Grid Framework Introduction Webinar
NIST Smart Grid Framework Introduction Webinar

As new technology upends decades-long practices for managing the electric grid, the ability to exchange actionable information between devices and organizations is more important than ever.  From grid-edge intelligence to customer-owned resources, evolving grid architectures will introduce complex dynamics that span physical, economic, and information technology aspects of electrical systems.  Improved interoperability is critical to managing these complexities, and to facilitate that NIST is revising its Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards.  First published in 2010 and developed in collaboration with the broad smart grid stakeholder community, this fourth version of the Interoperability Framework will examine various communications pathway scenarios to understand impacts on grid cybersecurity, operations, economics, and associated requirements for testing and certification.  During the webinar, we will provide an overview of four communication pathways scenarios, an update to NIST’s Smart Grid Conceptual Model, and introduce a cyber-physical systems ontology that can be used to clarify issues and capabilities in the increasingly complex grid.  We will also provide a work plan for revision of the Framework, including timeline and future workshops.

Created June 4, 2018, Updated July 23, 2020