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NICE Webinar: Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow's Workforce

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NICE Webinar: Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce
NICE Webinar: Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

The PowerPoint slides used during the webinar can be downloaded here.


Bryan Fite

Head of Security Ops, British Telecom


Dr. Dan Manson

Chair, Computer Information Systems, Cal Poly Pomona

Dan Manson_NICE Webinar

Jessica Gulick

Founder and CEO, KATZCY



Competitions encourage players to practice, hone cybersecurity skills, and build confidence in a controlled, real-world environment. They are available for all ages and levels, for students as young as elementary school and for those considered experts in the field. Achievements may be measured and evaluated against a large field of competitors. This webinar will explore some of the key challenges and opportunities as described in the recently released whitepaper: Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce.

The cybersecurity competitions whitepaper includes:
• Input from 28 contributors from the private and public sectors.
• Specific mention of 16 cybersecurity competitions.
• Chart with 39 cybersecurity competitions, complete with age range, location and websites.

Attendees of the webinar will learn how they can contribute to guidelines, standards, and best practices for competition players, teams, schools, sponsors and organizers to empower the public and private sectors to address the cybersecurity skills gap through competitions.


This paper explores whether competitions - as games or as tools for skills development might be improved through standardization and through an expansion of the competitive arena.

NICE Working Group NICEWG Competitions Subgroup

The NICE Working Group NICEWG has been established to provide a mechanism in which public and private sector participants can develop concepts, design strategies, and pursue actions that advance cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development. 

The NICE Working Group is comprised of five sub-working groups including one focused on competitions. To join the competitions subgroup, send an email to with the subject line: NICEWG Competitions Subgroup Subscribe, and with your full name and email address in the body of the message. 

Created March 3, 2017, Updated September 6, 2018