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Advancing Cell-free Manufacturing: Challenges in Scale-up and Automation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) are hosting an in-person workshop on Advancing Cell-free Manufacturing.

The goal of the workshop is to identify and prioritize actionable steps towards more reproducible, scalable, and automated cell-free systems for practical applications in bioengineering and biomanufacturing. We welcome input and ideas from participants across industrial sectors, including both established companies and start-ups. Planned breakout session include: quality control for cell-free extracts; reagent characterization; role of automation for optimization and scale-up; analytical measurements and standards needs; sharing and reporting data. Specific deliverables of the workshop may include: published workshop report; shared lexicon; list of specific metrics for quality control; list of assays for reagent characterization; list of specific needs for automation and scale-up; prioritized list of measurement needs and standards; prioritized list of needs for data reporting and sharing.

This workshop follows on the 2019 NIST Cell-Free Workshop that explored challenges to achieving reproducible and comparable cell free protein expression in academic settings.

Registration for in-person attendance closes on January 31, 2024. Please be aware that space is limited. Once registered, agenda and detailed information will be sent to attendees in the confirmation e-mail. For full professional bio of each of the speakers, click on each of the speakers names below.

This workshop will be led by: 

Jane Romantseva
Jane Romantseva, NIST
Credit: NIST
Sitta Sittampalam
Sitta Sittampalam, NCATS
Credit: NCATS
Elizabeth Strychalski
Elizabeth Strychalski, NIST
Credit: NIST
Created December 7, 2023, Updated December 19, 2023