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Commercial Space and Astronomy Partnering in Best Practices and Guidelines for Brightness Mitigation

Please see the Agenda and Presentation page to view the presentation slides

Overall Vision

Technology measures and best practices during the design, development, delivery, and operation of components supporting commercial space activities are central for mitigating the effects of satellites on astronomy observations.

Symposium Desired Outcome

To provide relevant commercial space and astronomy updates and opportunities for international collaboration and to develop actionable ideas for partnering astronomy and commercial space for building frameworks for measurements, best practices and, as needed, future standards.

Why attend?  

Understanding the effects satellites have on astronomy observations is an increasingly challenging environment for commercial space companies. Having to keep up with growing needs in the astronomical science and engineering communities is a constant effort. At this event, learn how commercial space companies can engage in efforts for preserving astronomical observational data quality and analysis through technological innovations, measurements, best practices, and collaborative coordination among multiple stakeholders.

Who should attend?

All commercial and public stakeholders supporting space activities are welcome to participate. This will be the first symposium in a series of events to connect commercial space companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, with the astronomical science and engineering communities.


Created June 8, 2022, Updated July 8, 2022