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Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Webinar: Introducing Cybersecurity Apprenticeships in Federal Environments

Capitol Building Stock Photo


Marian Merritt Resized Photo


Marian Merritt
Deputy Director and Lead for Industry Engagement
National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education

Dr. Costis Toregas
Credit: Dr. Costis Toregas


Dr. Costis Toregas
Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute

The George Washington University

Lisa Easterly Photo
Credit: Lisa Easterly


Lisa Easterly
President and CEO
Cyber Center of Excellence

Joseph Jenkins Photo
Credit: Joseph Jenkins

Joseph Jenkins, Jr.
Apprenticeship In Training Representative
Office of Apprenticeship
Department of Labor



Federal agencies can use apprenticeship as part of their overall human resources strategy to build a custom pipeline of highly-skilled talent. There are over 150 apprenticeship programs across the federal government that enroll nearly 1,500 apprentices spanning healthcare, financial services, transportation, and skilled trades occupations, yet thus far no programs for cybersecurity work roles. Why is now the time to experiment with cybersecurity apprenticeships?  What would it take to build a such a program? What are the barriers to overcome?  How can we make progress as a community?  These questions, and more, will be addressed by an expert panel with diverse insights and perspectives.


Federal Agency Apprenticeship Programs

This event is hosted by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management.

Created May 27, 2021, Updated July 19, 2021