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Webinar on DNA Mixtures: A NIST Scientific Foundation Review

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NIST scientific foundation reviews document and evaluate the scientific basis for forensic methods and practices. NIST's first scientific foundation review addresses the methods that forensic laboratories use to interpret evidence containing a mixture of DNA from two or more people

about the webinar

A 250-page report, NISTIR 8351-draft DNA Mixture Interpretation: A NIST Scientific Foundation Review, was released for a 60-day public comment period at the beginning of June 2021. The webinar presentation will consist of three parts: (1) reviewing the contents of and findings in the NISTIR 8351-draft report, (2) discussing feedback received up to that point in the public comment period, and (3) providing an opportunity for interested parties and stakeholders to ask additional questions or seek clarification on the draft report.

The webinar will be recorded. Questions asked during the webinar will also be included in the materials received as part of the public comment period and considered in finalizing the report.

This report is the first of several scientific foundation reviews that NIST has undertaken in forensic science. Reviews of bitemark analysis, firearms examination, and digital evidence are currently underway. NIST scientific foundation reviews are conducted as part of NIST’s forensic science program, which works to strengthen forensic practice through research and improved standards. Congress has appropriated funds specifically for this effort annually since 2018.

Click HERE to download the Certificate of Attendance Form 

(The certificate of attendance form is provided as a courtesy. It is the responsibility of the attendee to complete and submit with their certifying authority.)

Agenda (Eastern Daylight time)

1:00 - 2:30PM : Review of Report

2:30 - 2:35PM: BREAK

2:35 - 4:00PM: Questions & Answer (moderated)



Created May 26, 2021, Updated August 3, 2021