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Live Meeting Agenda and Pre-Recorded Talks

NEWRAD will convene June 21-24, from 8am to 10 am (GMT-6) each day. The conference will consist of live interaction to discuss the presentations that have been pre-recorded. Access these pre-recorded presentations by clicking the hyperlink below or via the conference app.  

The pre-recorded talks will not be played during the live event. The live event is an opportunity for presenters to summarize their talk and answer any questions submitted by conference attendees via the BlueJeans Events Q&A feature.  

Note: the live sessions June 21-24, 2021 will not include Q&A for the poster sessions.  Engagement with reference to the posters should be addressed in the app using the discussion forum/activity feed or by direct message to the poster presenter.  





Opening Remarks

John Lehman, Julian Gröbner

June 21, 0800

Other Topics

Richard Savage, LIGO, USA Moderator


Calibrating Gravitational Wave Interferometers: A Review with Astrophysical Implications

Jeff Kissel, LIGO, USA

June 21, 0810


System analysis of ILMD-based LID measurement systems using Monte Carlo simulation

Markus Katona, KIT, Germany

Planar Absolute Radiometer for Room Temperature for Replacing NIST’s 50-Year-Old Detector Standard

Anna Vaskuri, NIST, USA

Detector Based Radiometry

Erkki, Ikonen, AALTO, FN


Three-dimensional modelling of photodiode responsivity

Jarle Gran, JV, Norway

June 21, 0840

Optical power scale realization using the predictable quantum efficient detector

Kinza Maham, Aalto, Finland

Electrical-Substitution Fourier Transform Spectrometry for Absolute Calibration of Detector Responsivity

J.E. Neira, NIST, USA

Source Based Radiometry

Dong Hoon Lee, KRISS, RoK, Moderator


Novel perfect blackbody sheet having nano-precision surface microtextures for a planar standard radiator

Kuniaki Amemiya, AIST, Japan

June 21, 0920

A Lens-free InGaAs-Radiation Thermometer with improved Detectivity at 1.6 µm to cover the Temperature Range from 80 °C to 962 °C

Ingmar Müller, PTB, Germany

Spectral Irradiance Measurement Based on Large-area WC-C Fixed Point Blackbody

Yanfei Wang, NIM, China

A Blackbody for Calibration of Hemispherical Infrared Detectors

Moritz Feierabend, PTB, Germany

Quantum Optics

Maria Rastello, INRIM, IT


Nanowire-based Sources of Non-classical Light

David Northeast, NRC, Canada

June 22, 0800

Calibration of silicon single-photon avalanche diode detectors using a narrow-bandwidth quantum emitter

Hristina Georgieva, PTB, Germany

Pilot study on the detection efficiency measurement of InGaAs/InP single-photon detectors

Marco Lopez, PTB, Germany

Molecule-based single photon source for quantum radiometry

Stefan Kück, PTB, Germany

Calibration of free-space and fiber-coupled single-photon detectors

Thomas Gerrits, NIST, USA

Detector Based Radiometry

Alan Migdall, NIST, USA, Moderator


A fast AC mode measurement system for detector response and spatial uniformity characterization

Ping-Shine Shaw, NIST, USA

June 22, 0840

Quantum efficiency of Predictable Quantum Efficient Detector in the ultraviolet region

Mikhail Korpusenko, Aalto, Finland

Recent Progress on Calibration of Spectroradiometers using Tunable Lasers

Yuqin Zong, NIST, USA

Near Infrared Spectral Responsivity Realization based on Cryogenic Radiometer

Yandong Lin, NIM, China

Photon Momentum

Marek Smid, CMI, CZ


Next generation high average power lasers and
technologies at the HiLASE facility

Tomáš Mocek, ELI, CZ

June 22, 0920

SI traceable electrostatic balance to measure laser power

Lorenz Keck, NIST, USA

Optical power measurements via photon momentum and its comparison with SI-traceable reference methods

Suren Vasilyan, TU Ilmenau, Germany

HALO – High Amplification Laser-pressure Optic

Alexandra Artusio-Glimpse, NIST, USA

Earth Observation and Solar/Stellar Radiometry 1

Maria Hakuba, JPL, Moderator


SI traceable space climate observing system

Yolanda Shea, NASA, USA

June 23, 0800

Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies (TRUTHS):  Enabling a Space-based Climate and Calibration Observatory - An ESA Earth Watch mission

Nigel Fox, NPL, UK

The reduced background calibration facility 2 for infrared detectors, cameras and sources

Christian Monte, PTB, Germany

Design and Development of a Tuneable Portable Radiation Source for In Situ Characterisation of Dobson Spectrometers

Marek Šmíd, CMI, Czech R.

Earth Observation and Solar/Stellar Radiometry 2

Emma Woolliams, NPL, Moderator


Experience with the radiometric traceability concept for the Network for Detection of Mesospheric Change (NDMC)

Max Reiniger, PTB, Germany

June 23, 0840

Measurements of absolute, SI traceable lunar irradiance with the airborne Lunar Spectral Irradiance (air-LUSI) Mission

Steve Brown, NIST, USA

The STAR-CC-OGSE system for pre-flight sensor calibration

Paul Green, NPL, UK

The HyperSpectral Imager for Climate Science (HySICS) on the CLARREO Pathfinder Mission

Greg Kopp, LASP, USA

ARCSTONE:Calibration of Lunar Spectral Reflectance from Space

Constantine Lukashin, NASA, USA

A Simple Method of UV Stray Light Correction for Field Spectrometers in Ground Validation Sites 

Ling Li, NIM, China

Earth Observation and Solar/Stellar Radiometry 3

Julian Gröbner, WRC, CH, Moderator


TSIS Solar Spectral Irradiance Measurements

Odele Coddington, LASP, USA

June 23, 0920

Spectroradiometric Calibration of Bright Stars, Vega and Sirius

John Woodward, NIST

Compact Total Irradiance Monitor Flight Demonstration

Dave Harber, LASP, USA

Traceability of Solar and Lunar Direct Irradiances Measured with Precision Filter Radiometers

Natalia Kouremeti, PMOD/WRC, CH

Stray-Light Correction Methodology for the Precision Solar Spectroradiometer

Julian Gröbner, PMODWRC, CH

Optical Properties of Materials

Stefan Kück, PTB, DE


A facility for measuring the BSSRDF

Pablo Santafe, CSIC, Spain

June 24, 0800

Improving multiphoton spectroscopy standards through the creation of an accurate, high-throughput spectrometer facility

Charles Stark, NICPB, Estonia

Advocating a statistical definition for the BRDF

Pierre Chavel,  Laboratoire Hubert Curien, France

Effects of rotation errors on goniometric measurements

Annette Koo, MSL, New Zealand

Detector Based Radiometry

Angela Gamouras, National Research Council Canada,  Moderator


Broadband absolute radiometers for far infrared sensing

Chris Yung, NIST, USA

June 24, 0840

Cantilever-based photoacoustic detection of electromagnetic radiation

Sucheta Sharma, Aalto, Finland

Differential spectral responsivity measurements of large bifacial solar cells

Petri Kärhä, Aalto, Finland

Application of a Tuneable Pulsed Laser for Spectral Responsivity Measurements of UV Radiometers Based on Wide-Bandgap Photodiodes

Saulius Nevas, PTB, Germany

Closing Remarks, Announcements, Next Newrad

Julian Gröbner, John Lehman

Jun 24, 0920


Created March 4, 2021, Updated June 19, 2021