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Atomistic Simulations for Industrial Needs

Atomistic Simulation_PromoImg.png

Atomistic simulations are increasingly being used as a tool to understand and predict properties of materials. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate interactions between researchers in industry, academia, and government on issues related to the development and use of interatomic interaction potentials. Such issues include accuracy, standardization, evaluation methods, and exchange of data an information. Participants in this workshop should include representatives from academia, national labs and the automotive, aerospace, materials design and software, and advanced materials industries. This year the workshop will be fully remote. The first two days (August 5 and 6) will consist of 30-minute presentations and discussions from researchers in the community. A virtual poster session will be held on August 5th. The third day (August 7) will feature hour long workshops and demos for various community tools.

Organizing Committee

  • Lucas Hale, NIST, Material Measurement Laboratory
  • James Hickman, NIST, Material Measurement Laboratory
  • Ryan Elliott, University of Minnesota and OpenKIM project, Aerospace Engineering Mechanics
  • Daniel Karls, University of Minnesota and OpenKIM project
  • Ryan Thomas, Honeywell

Virtual Poster session & links

August 05, 2020

Session I:  (3:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT)


Session II: (3:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT)

setup for Hands-On Demonstrations

August 07, 2020


See here to install a virtual machine (VM) for KIM.



Demonstration Notebooks can be found on github: People can either view the notebooks from the github site or download/clone the repository and run the notebooks for themselves (requires python and a LAMMPS executable.)



Everybody can follow along from the presentation, and all content is at



No setup



See here  for more details.  All you need to do is get a nanoHUB account (free).



No setup: pre-release demonstration



No setup required: code functionality discussion and explanatory demonstration

August 05th: 9AM-4PM EDT

August 06th: 9AM-3PM EDT

August 07: 9AM-3PM EDT


Program (PDF)

Created July 7, 2020, Updated August 6, 2020