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NICE Webinar: The Intersection of the Privacy and Cybersecurity Workforce

NICE Webinar Archives Photo

The PowerPoint slides used during this webinar can be downloaded here.


Katie Boeckl
Privacy Risk Strategist,
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


Katie Boeckl


Caitlin Fennessy
Research Director,
International Association of Privacy Professionals


NICE Caitlin Fennessy
Credit: IAPP


Jonathan Fox
Director, Privacy Engineering 
Chief Privacy Office, Cisco


NICE Jonathan Fox
Credit: Cisco



With the rise of a more digitally connected society, the intersection between privacy and cybersecurity grows closer. The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework includes a few components covering privacy, including a work role for Privacy Officer/Privacy Compliance Manager, but what does the privacy workforce truly look like? What are the privacy principles that cybersecurity workers should know? This webinar will introduce the newly released Privacy Framework and describe the need for and mechanisms for building a workforce skilled in privacy.


Privacy Framework

The OECD Privacy Framework

NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Privacy Pathways

White Paper – The Skill Set Needed to Implement a Privacy Risk Management Framework

The Infosec Professional’s Guide to Vital Privacy Knowledge

Created January 28, 2020, Updated March 31, 2020