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Workshop Panels

Here is the first look at the panels for the workshop. Please note that panel participants are subject to change.

Panel I: Sustainable, Hybrid, and Emerging Material Systems
Moderator: Mike Idacavage, RadTech 
Eric Romano, DSM 
Jeff Klang, Sartomer
Alex Mejiritski, Spectra Group Limited  
Neil Cramer, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions
Chris Williams, DREAMS Laboratory at Virginia Tech 
Rachel Davis, Azul3D
Justin Poelma, Carbon

Panel II: Novel, AM-specific characterization
Moderator: Callie Higgins, NIST
Jason Killgore, NIST
Max Zieringer, Formlabs 
Jeff Stansbury, University of Colorado
Xiaojiang Wang, Ford Motor Company
Anthony Kotula, NIST

Panel III: Industry Applications and Developing Markets
Moderator: Tia Vialva, 3D Printing Industry
Bob Gafvert, Carbon
Tom Bugnitz, Manufacturer’s Edge
Denis Cormier, Rochester Institute of Technology
Maxim Shusteff, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Scott Turner, 3D Systems
Spencer Loveless, Dustless Technologies

Panel IV: Health, Safety, and Regulation in AM
Moderator: Tom McKeag, The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry
Treye Thomas, Consumer Product Safety Commission
Gary Roth, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Alexandria Stanton, Environmental Protection Agency
Michael Brady, 3D Systems
Stephanie Benight, Tactile Materials Solutions, Inc.

Panel V: Moon-shot Ideas in AM
Moderator: Simon Lancaster, Apple
Charlie Wood, Fast Radius
Will Tashman, Uncountable
John La Scala, Army Research Laboratory
Robert McLeod, University of Colorado Boulder
Blake Perez, nTopology
Jed Brown, University of Colorado Boulder

Created August 13, 2020