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Forensic Science Research Innovation to Implementation Symposium (RI2I)

For crime laboratories, transferring forensic science research into practice is a challenging problem. Thousands of research papers are published in forensic science journals every year, yet many innovations never make it to the crime lab.

What can the forensic science community do differently so that new technologies come online faster? How can we reduce the obstacles to successful innovation?

On June 19-20, 2019, NIST convened a symposium aimed at answering these questions. At this symposium, forensic scientists, researchers and technology transfer experts came together with laboratory professionals, business leaders and other stakeholders to explore ideas for speeding innovation in the nation’s crime labs.

NIST has published a report on the Symposium's activities and discussions:

Notes from the NIST Research Innovation to Implementation in Forensic Science Symposium (RI2I)

Agenda (Printable PDF)

Created July 16, 2018, Updated September 13, 2023