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Discovery of Spin triplet superconductivity in UTe2

Spin triplet superconductor is one of most promising candidates for topological superconductor and has attracted enormous attention in the community of condensed matter physics. In this talk I will discuss our newly discovered spin triplet superconductor, UTe2, which bares salient features of spin triplet pairing: highly anisotropic Hc2 exceeding Pauli limit along b axis by an order of magnitude, temperature independent NMR Knight shift in superconducting state, possible coexistence of superconducting pairing and Fermi liquid. Moreover, the properties of superconducting state reminisce those of ferromagnetic superconductors, even though UTe2 doesn’t show ferromagnetic ordering. Being closing to a FM quantum critical point, UTe2 is the paramagnetic end member of the series of FM superconductor. 


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Sheng Ran (University of Maryland and NIST Center for Neutron Research)

Created November 20, 2018, Updated November 27, 2018