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Testing and Certification Workshop

NIST and its partners have identified gaps in translating smart grid standards into functional interoperability of deployed grid assets.  New grid architectures and operational strategies demand increasing interoperability across the system, a capability that requires seamless integration of new assets into existing systems.  Interoperability is more imperative than ever before to provide the functional performance that enables the many smart grid benefits.  Smart grid devices, systems, and applications require extensive data exchange, necessitating well defined interfaces to transfer and translate this data from point to point across the grid.  Clarifying the communications protocol and data model performance requirements is critical to easing the integration process, and is an important element of NIST’s ongoing update of the Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards.  During this workshop, we will explore underlying drivers for the current state of smart grid interoperability testing and certification, and examine interoperability profiles for smart grid standards as a means to accelerate the development of testing and certification programs.  Workshop participants are invited to provide feedback on the essential elements for interoperability testing and certification programs, as well as on priority interoperability interfaces in the modern grid.

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Created June 4, 2018, Updated August 7, 2018