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2D Materials Beyond Graphene: Government Workshop of the Washington, DC Metro Area

You are cordially invited to attend the first biannual Government Workshop of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. These workshops are intended to provide a forum for research scientists and program managers at government labs and agencies within the broad Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our goal is to communicate research results, discuss and coordinate research efforts, and establish collaborative efforts to best utilize talent and facilities within the area. This biannual workshop will rotate between the three local labs or some other common location.

This first workshop will focus on the synthesis and science of 2D materials beyond graphene, specifically including monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides such as MoS2, group IV and V monolayers such as silicene, and other van der Waals bonded compounds.

We welcome additional speakers and posters. If you would like to present a talk or poster, please contact Berry Jonker (berry.jonker [at] (berry[dot]jonker[at]nrl[dot]navy[dot]mil)) or any of the workshop chairs.

Lunch and coffee breaks will be served in the meeting room at a cost of approximately $20 per person.

** Please RSVP by July 16 to berry.jonker [at] (berry[dot]jonker[at]nrl[dot]navy[dot]mil) to facilitate planning for lunches.


  • Dr. Berry Jonker, NRL berry.jonker [at] (berry[dot]jonker[at]nrl[dot]navy[dot]mil)
  • Dr. Madan Dubey, ARL madan.dubey.civ [at] (madan[dot]dubey[dot]civ[at]mail[dot]mil)
  • Dr. Albert Davydov, NIST albert.davydov [at] (albert[dot]davydov[at]nist[dot]gov)
  • Dr. Ken Goretta, AFOSR kenneth.goretta [at] (kenneth[dot]goretta[at]us[dot]af[dot]mil)
Created July 11, 2018