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NIST Workshop on Standards for Microfluidics 2017

On June 1 & 2, 2017, NIST will host the first workshop on standards for microfluidics, which will be held at the NIST Gaithersburg Campus in Maryland (USA).  In the last two decades this field has evolved from the concept of Micro Total Analysis Systems, where systems with integrated pretreatment and analysis of chemicals were envisioned, to what is known today as Lab on a Chip. This field has shown great potential for the development of technologies that can, and to some extent, are making the difference in areas such as in vitro diagnostics, point of care testing, organ on a chip and many more.  Microfluidics plays an essential role in these systems and determining the standards needed in this area is critical to enable new markets and products, and advance research and development.  Our goal is to bring together stakeholders from industry, academia and government to discuss and define what are the needs in the field for the development of standards.  This will be a unique and exciting opportunity for stakeholders from all over the world to join in the discussion of future developments towards the standardization in the microfluidics arena.

Workshop Co-Chairs:
Darwin R. Reyes, NIST
Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT

With contributions from:

  • CEA/Leti, France
  • Cellix, Ireland
  • Corning, USA
  • Diagnostic Biosensors, USA
  • Fluigent, France
  • Fraunhofer IOF, Germany
  • IMT, Switzerland
  • IMEC, Belgium
  • Labcyte, USA
  • METAS, Switzerland
  • microLIQUID, Spain
  • Micronit, Netherlands
  • University of Florida, USA

NIST Workshop on Standards for Microfluidics

Thursday June 1, 2017

Co-chairs:  Darwin R. Reyes, NIST; Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT


Morning Presentations

8:30 AM             Registration (Visitor’s badges will be given at the NIST front gate.) 

9:15 AM             Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. Laurie Locascio, Acting Director for Laboratory Programs and Director of Material Measurement Laboratory and Dr. James Olthoff, Director of the Physical Measurement Laboratory, NIST


9:35 AM             Henne van Heeren, enabling MNT, The Netherlands
Overview of the IWA on Interoperability of microfluidic devices - Guidelines for pitch spacing dimensions and initial device classification.


10:10 AM – 10:20 AM          Break

Session 1:           Combining Microfluidics and Electronics (Integration)                            

10:10 AM           Mark Tondra, Diagnostic Biosensors, USA

10:40 AM           Chengxun Liu, IMEC, Belgium

11:10 AM           Erik Beckert, Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

11:40 Noon – 1:00 PM          Lunch*

Afternoon Presentations

Session 2:        Cell-based Assays/In vitro Diagnostics                                                         

1:00 PM             Keynote Presentation: Microfluidics and Regulations for In Vitro Diagnostics
Yun-Fu Hu, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA

1:45 PM             Vivienne Williams, Cellix Limited, Ireland           

2:15 PM             Luis Fernández Ledesma, microLIQUID S.L., Spain

2:45 PM             Mandy Esch, NIST, USA

3:05 – 3:40 PM                      Break & Poster Session

Session 3:           Flow Control and Verification Testing                                                       

3:40 PM             Hugh Fan, University of Florida, USA

4:10 PM             Alexios Tzannis, IMT, Switzerland

4:40 PM             James Booth, NIST, USA

From 5:30 PM    Dinner** at Dogfish Head Alehouse (An area in the restaurant has been reserved for the attendees of the conference from 5:30 PM)
800 W Diamond Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20878  (In front of NIST)

*, **Attendees are responsible to pay for their own food and drinks


NIST Workshop on Standards for Microfluidics

Friday June 2, 2017

Morning Presentations

8:45 AM          Announcements

Session 4:           Sensors, Testing and Interconnectors                                                         

9:00 AM             Hugo Bissig, METAS, Switzerland

9:30 AM             Anne Le-Nel, Fluigent, France

10:00 AM           Sammy Datwani, Labcyte, USA

10:30 - 10:50 AM                  Break

Session 5:           Modular Systems                                                    

10:50 AM           Po Ki Yuen, Corning, USA

11:20 AM           Nicolas Verplanck, CEA-LETI, France

11:50 AM           Wilfred Buesink, Micronit, The Netherlands

12:20 Noon – 1:30 PM          Lunch

Afternoon Sessions

Panel Discussions

1:35 PM –3:10 PM     Breakout Sessions

  1. Integration of Microfluidics and Electronics
  2. Flow control, Sensors and Testing
  3. Interconnectors and Modular systems

3:10 PM – 3:30 PM               Break

3:30 PM – 4:00           Breakout Sessions (Time to Summarize the Discussions)

  1. Integration of Microfluidics and Electronics &
  2. Flow control and Sensors
  3. Interconnectors and Modular systems

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM    Closing Session – Next Steps

Session Chairs (10 minutes each)

4:30 PM                      Closing Remarks

4:40 PM                      Adjourn ^


^There will be a tour to the NIST Nanofabrication Facility after the workshop, from 4:45 pm to 5:15 pm.  For those interested, please contact Darwin Reyes via email at darwin.reyes [at] (darwin[dot]reyes[at]nist[dot]gov)

Four closest hotels to NIST:

  1. Motel 6 (0.6 miles from NIST)
    497 Quince Orchard Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
    Phone: +1-301-977-3311
  2. TownePlace Suites Gaithersburg (0.8 miles from NIST)
    212 Perry Parkway Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA 
    Phone: +1-301-590-2300
  3. Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg (1.3 miles from NIST)
    620 Perry Pkwy, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
    Phone: +1-301-977-8900
  4. Holiday Inn Gaithersburg (1.3 miles from NIST)
    Two Montgomery Village Avenue, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20879
    Phone:  +1-301-948-8900

If you are not registered, you will not be allowed on site. Registered attendees will receive security and campus instructions prior to the workshop.

NON U.S. CITIZENS PLEASE NOTE: All foreign national visitors who do not have permanent resident status and who wish to register for the above meeting must supply additional information. Failure to provide this information prior to arrival will result, at a minimum, in significant delays (up to 24 hours) in entering the facility. Authority to gather this information is derived from United States Department of Commerce Department Administrative Order (DAO) number 207-12. When registration is open, the required NIST-1260 form will be available as well. 

*New Visitor Access Requirement: Effective July 21, 2014, Under the REAL ID Act of 2005, agencies, including NIST, can only accept a state-issued driver's license or identification card for access to federal facilities if issued by states that are REAL ID compliant or have an extension.  Click here for a list of alternative identification and further details.

Created February 3, 2017, Updated October 28, 2020