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Functionalization of Nanodiamond Surface for Magnetic Sensing Application

Rana Akiel

University of Southern California

Nanodiamonds (NDs) are a new and attractive class of materials for sensing and delivery in biological systems. Methods for functionalizing ND surfaces are highly valuable in these applications, yet reported approaches for covalent modification with biological macromolecules are still limited, and characterizing behaviors of ND-tethered bio-molecules is difficult. The approach we apply in our group employs click chemistry and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) to graft and characterize different target molecules on the ND surface. This talk will focus on describing the techniques used to efficiently graft small molecules and large biological molecules in particular DNA to the ND surface as well as the study of the dynamics of ND-grafted molecules through EPR analysis.

Created December 14, 2016, Updated October 2, 2018