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Harnessing the Power of Distributed Energy Resources: Quantifying Transactive Energy and Economics

The changing landscape of energy technologies and business opportunities are fundamentally altering how the electric grid operates. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working with industry to improve understanding of the operational and economic implications of relying on the widespread deployment and integration of distributed resources and non-utility services providers, and translating this knowledge to a Transactive Energy (TE) context to accelerate new infrastructure investment. Topics to be covered include DER integration, transactive energy, and improved reliability.

Join us for a free workshop to explore these issues on October 20 at the Rotary Summit Center, San Jose, California. And please register ahead of time to let us know you’re coming (see link to right). 

Who Should Attend:

  • Technology providers with new energy business models
  • Market operators and participants
  • Utilities and energy service providers
  • Industry Trade Associations and Institutes
  • Simulation experts
  • Federal and Local Government

Value of Attending:

  • Network with your peers to discuss the economic implications and challenges of a distributed and transactive future with diversified asset ownership
  • Engage with industry experts enabling innovations, technologies and transactive business models that could drive future grid operations and infrastructure investments
  • Share perspectives on new revenue opportunities and business structures for distributed energy resource (DER) service models
  • Engage with NIST’s TE Challenge team to explore how simulation can advance TE understanding and accelerate implementation

Discussion topics

  • Participant perspectives on economic opportunities for new distributed resources
  • Quantifying the operational and economic impacts of transactive approaches to managing distributed energy infrastructure (e.g., grid-connected solar and wind turbines, customer-owned microgrids, energy storage assets, demand response-enabled thermostats and smart appliances)
  • The most promising TE business models and utility programs, and associated regulatory needs
  • Using comparative analysis to provide the information needed to take unconventional DER and TE projects to pilot stage, and identifying gaps in modeling and simulation capabilities

For more information about the goals and participants of the NIST Transactive Energy Modeling and Simulation Challenge, please visit our TE Challenge Collaboration Site.

Created October 4, 2016, Updated November 2, 2016