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Physics and Applications of Plasmonic Metamaterials: From Terahertz to the Ultraviolet

The field of plasmonics and metamaterials deals with the interaction of light with metallic or metallo-dielectric structures on a deep-subwavelength scale. The ability to obtain strong field confinement and enhancements including prospects for manipulating light in ways not possible with conventional optics has served as a motivation for investigations in this area. The exciting physics associated with three-dimensional subwavelength spatial and ultrafast temporal nature of the optical fields, as well as suggested applications across a range of engineering and science disciplines have led to tremendous cross-disciplinary activity over the last decade. In this talk, I will briefly review some of the exciting developments in this area and their implications ranging from terahertz to the ultraviolet frequency regime. I will further discuss some of our contributions in this area including work on aperiodic plasmonics, three-dimensional negative refraction, negative radiation pressure and plasmonic nanoresonators.


nikolai.zhitenev [at] (Nikolai Zhitenev), 301-975-6039

Amit Agrawal

Syracuse University

Created August 4, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016