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High-Energy Density Rechargeable Li-S Batteries: Fundamental Aspects of Electrochemistry and Current Status

In this talk, fundamental aspects of electrochemistry and current status of Li-S battery research will be discussed. Lightweight rechargeable Li-S batteries are regarded as an attractive candidate technology for emerging applications in transportation, portable electronics, communications, cordless power tools, etc. It is expected that Li-S batteries with the specific capacity ~ 6 times higher than for Li-ion technology will be commercially available by 2020-2025. Key challenges of the Li-S batteries to overcome and recently proposed solutions for designing of high-energy density long-life Li-S batteries will be outlined.


jabez.mcclelland [at] (Jabez McClelland), 301-975-3721

Vladimir P. Oleshko

Materials Science and Engineering, U. of Maryland, College Park and Materials Science and Engineering Division, NIST

Created April 1, 2014, Updated May 13, 2016