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Improving Clinical Laboratory Testing through Harmonization: An International Forum

The AACC and NIST is hosting an invitation-only conference on global harmonization of results from clinical laboratory testing procedures for which no reference measurement procedure exists or is likely to be developed. The two-day conference will seek to strengthen quality of laboratory measurements and improve patient care by developing consensus on technical and organizational processes to achieve harmonization of clinical laboratory results.

As a result of the conference, four working groups will be created to further develop and implement the conference recommendations; they will serve as the foundation for a continuing organizational involvement in harmonizing this category of clinical laboratory testing procedures.

Professional laboratory and clinical associations, in-vitro diagnostics and pharmaceutical (companion diagnostics) companies, and government organizations from around the world concerned with or involved in standardization activities have been invited to participate to ensure global and cross disciplinary acceptance of the recommendations and plans for implementation. The result of this conference will be a dialogue within the laboratory community that will establish procedures to minimize factors that put patients at risk from non-standardized laboratory test results and will ultimately lead to improved patient care and safety.

The conference objective is to develop a consensus process to harmonize analytes for which no reference measurement procedure exists. Participants will be asked to prepare written position statements on each of the conference topics (see breakout sessions) at least three months in advance. The positions will be collated and circulated to all participants in advance of the conference. Thus, all participants will have an opportunity to review each other's positions and be prepared for fruitful discussion and consensus development at the conference.

The primary output from the conference will be:

  1. Consensus procedures for how to accomplish harmonization.
  2. Formation of working groups with specific tasks to ensure implementation of the conference recommendations.
  3. Identification of organizations willing to accept responsibility for implementing one or more of the recommendations agreed upon.
  4. A report in Clinical Chemistry on the findings and recommendations from the conference. The journal has agreed to publish the proceedings and recommendations.

Please Note: This event will be in English only. There will be no simultaneous translation.


American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The full conference agenda is available on the conference website.

The full conference agenda is available on the conference website.

Lodging information is available on the conference website.

All non-USA citizens will need to complete the NIST-1260 form. This form must be faxed to Donna Kimball at FAX 1-301-975-3845. It cannot be emailed. The form must be received by October 11, 2010 to ensure your entrance into the NIST campus. Failure to provide this information will result in denied access to the NIST facilities and therefore for the conference.

If you are planning on driving and parking at NIST, please email Jean Rhame at jrhame [at] (jrhame[at]aacc[dot]org) so that you can receive a "Dash-Board Pass" that will be required for parking on the NIST campus.

Created October 4, 2010, Updated January 5, 2017