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Craig Brown CV


  • NIST Direct Air Capture of CO2, steering group
  • Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering with NSF (PIs Dan Neumann, Julie Borchers, Craig Brown) 2020-2025
    • Initiative on non-equilibrium neutron scattering : project lead
  • Hydrogen Materials Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC, Phase 1 2017-2020; Phase 2 2020-2023; a part of the DOE’s Energy Materials Network (EMN) Consortia) 
  • Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering with NSF (PIs Dan Neumann, Julie Borchers, Chuck Majkrzak, Paul Butler)2015-2020
  • Dept. of Energy, Gas separations EFRC, Associate Investigator (Director: Jeff R. Long)- 2014-
  • Dept. of Energy, EERE Research and Development for Hydrogen Storage (PI with Jeff R. Long, Martin Head-Gordon and Anne Dailly)- 02/2012-02/2015, $600k
  • PECASE award- 10/2009-10/2014, $750k
  • Dept. of Energy, EERE Fuel Cell Technologies Program (with Terry Udovic)- 05/2010-1/10/2012, $600k
  • Dept. of Energy, EERE Hydrogen Sorption Center of Excellence (with Dan Neumann)- 05/2005-1/10/2009, $985k
  • NIST, MSEL, Directors Reserve, "The Development of a Bismuth Filter for Neutron Vibrational Spectroscopy" - 2004, $170k


  • Alexander Vincent (Prof. Tom Gennett. Col. Sch. Mines) 2024
  • Morgan Kramer (Prof. Tomce Runcevski, SMU) 2023-2024
  • Merissa Morey, Graduate student Indiana University (Eric Bloch); Jun-2022 ... 2024
  • Naoya Yoshikane, Graduate Student Osaka Prefecture University (Kosmas Prassides); Mar-Jun 2022
  • Hyun June Moon
    NIST Directors Fellow Dec 2023 -, PhD in Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech with Christopher Jones 
  • Malia Wenny
    NRC Fellow Feb. 2023- PhD from Harvard with Professor Jarad Mason
  • Hayden Evans

    NRC Fellow 2019- PhD from UCSB with Professor Ram Seshadri

  • Ryan Kline
    on detail from NREL for a EERE hydrogen storage project 2019- PhD from Northwestern with Professor Dana Freedman

Previous Postdocs:

  • Marcus Carter
    Uni. Utah Chemistry; PhD from U. Maryland with Professor Efrain Rodriguez
  • Ben Trump 2016-2022

    Intel, Portland, OR; NRC Fellow 2016- PhD from The Johns Hopkins University with Professor Tyrel McQueen

  • Jacob Tarver 2015-2018
    was on detail from NREL for a EERE hydrogen storage project
  • Matthew Hudson 2010-2015
    Professor Stevenson Uni. NRC Fellow 2012-2014 PhD from Syracuse University with Professor Bruce Hudson 
    First place, Sigma-Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentation, NIST 2011.
  • Zeric Hulvey 2012-2015-
    Program Manager EERE Fuel Cell Technologies Office
  • Rachel Pollock 2012-
    PhD from U. Maine with Professor Brian Frederick 
    First place, Sigma-Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentation, NIST 2014.

    Working at a Charter High School in DC

  • Wendy Queen 2009-
    NRC Fellow 2010-2012 PhD from Clemson University with Professor Shiou-Jyh Hwu 
    Outstanding Graduate Researcher 2009.
    First place, Sigma-Xi Postodctoral Poster Presentation, NIST 2012.

    Professor at EPFL:

  • Jae-Hyuk Her 2007-
    PhD from State University of New York at Stony Brook with Peter Stephens 
    Winner of 2009 Sigma-Xi (NIST Chapter) 'Materials' Postdoctoral Poster Prize.

    Currently with G.E. Global Research in New York.

  • Yun Liu 2005-2008 
    PhD from MIT with Professor Sow-Hsin Chen
    Winner of 2008 Sigma-Xi (NIST Chapter) 'Materials' Postdoctoral Poster Prize.

    Currently in the SANS group@NIST

PhD Thesis Committees:

  • Muyuan Li (2023)
  • Greg Lorzing (2020)
  • Daniel Sun (EPFL) 2019
  • Mehrdad Asgari (EPFL) 2019
  • Bahar Ipek (U. Delaware) 2016
  • Trong Pham (U. Delaware) 2015

NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF):

  • Claire Lamberti (SMU) 2021 (Highlight)
  • Anthony Campanella (U. Delaware) 2017
  • Anthony Ayala (U. Maryland) 2016
  • Daniella Villa (Eastern Washington University) 2016
  • Matthew Cline (Bridgewater College) 2012
  • Eylon Winterstein (SUNY Binghamton) 2009
  • Jacob Schalch (Oberlin College) 2008 
    and for the 2008, 2009 winter terms
  • Teresa Jacques (Smith College) 2005 


Committees/Review Panels:


  • Affiliated Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
  • Visiting Research Scientist, Dept. Physics, University of Maryland
  • Advisory Board Member, USC Materials Consortium 2023-
  • IAEA Task 40 USA hydrogen storage expert representative
  • National Nanotechnology Challenge NIST representative 
  • Symposium organizer "SF03: Inorganic Materials to Overcome the Challenges of Tomorrow", MRS Fall 2023
  • NSF Committee of Visitors, Sept 2023.
  • Chair, Advanced Photon Source, Structural Science Review Committee 2022-
  • NIST Incentive Awards Panel, 2016-
  • Chair, ORNL Science Review Chemical Spectroscopy Committee  2019-2022
  • Advanced Photon Source, Structural Science Review Committee 2017-2021
  • Chair ACA Poster Session, 2022
  • NSSA Ann Mayes Award Committee, 2022
  • GRC Crystal Engineering Poser judge, 2022
  • Sigma-Xi Katherine Gebby Young Investigator Award panel, 2022
  • Symposium "Solid-state Chemistry", MRS Fall 2021
  • Chair of the Neutron Scattering Society of America Prize Selection Committee 2020
  • Symposium "Anion-directed design of functional solid-state materials (#226)", Pacifichem, Hawaii 2020 (canceled due to COVID)
  • Guest Editor Crystal Growth and Design
  • Guest Editor Powder Diffraction Journal Thematic Issues on in-situ characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks, 2019
  • Co-editor of Chemical Physics Special Issue 2013
    "Advances and frontiers in chemical spectroscopy with neutrons"
  • NSF review panels 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
    Review and recommend proposals for funding
  • Symposium "40 years of Neutron Scattering", Co-organizer, NCNR, Feb 2016
  • Symposium "Synthesis, Structure and Functionalities of Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics (#432)", Pacifichem, Hawaii 2015
  • IRIS/OSIRIS Instrument Review Committee: ISIS Nov. 2014
  • ACNS 2014 Program Committee: Materials Chemistry and Materials for Energy
  • Chair Elect Powder Diffraction, American Crystallography Assn. 2013
  • EERE Hydrogen Storage FOA reviewer, 2014
  • DOE-Basic Energy Science CAREER reviewer
  • Guest editor, Advances and frontiers in chemical spectroscopy with neutrons, Chemical Physics (2013)
  • LBNL Molecular Foundry's Proposal Review Council (PRC) 2013
  • Scientific Committee, Dynamics of Molecules and Materials-II, Glasgow, Scotland 2013
  • 2013 U. S. Department of Energy Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Program and Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review
  • FACT Adsorption Facility Task Force advisory panel (2012-2013)
  • NIST Research Advisory Committee 1998-2010 (Chair 2010)
    Advise the NIST Director on issues pertaining to the health of research at NIST
  • ORNL Neutron Scattering Science Review Committee 2009-2013 (Chair 2011-2013)
    Evaluation of proposal chemistry and soft matter spectroscopy reviews and ranking of proposals for beam time at ORNL's HFIR and SNS
  • 2010 U. S. Department of Energy Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Program and Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review
  • Review committee for NCNR Instrument Control Software Systems (ICSS) 2008
    Evaluation NCNR requirements and implementation for new ICSS
  • Conceptual Design Review panel of VISION spectrometer, SNS 2007
  • SNS Second Target Station Instrumentation Workshop, SNS 2007


Created May 10, 2019, Updated April 4, 2024