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Featured Report:

Strengthening Regional Relationships to Support Manufacturing: 10 Successful Initiatives
August 2014
This report examines ten ongoing regional initiatives that support manufacturers. Drawing on a diverse group of individual case studies, the report identifies the key partners and their roles, the resources they accessed, the impact of the effort, and the prospects for the future. In particular, the case studies often note the many roles that the National Institute for Standards and Technology's Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP) centers are playing in the success of these efforts. The report is intended to stimulate thinking among economic development leaders about what they can do to support their own region's manufacturing sector. Categories: Current State of ManufacturingInnovationEducation and Workforce, Sustainability

Shale Gas: A Game Changer for U.S. Manufacturing- July 2014

A country is only as strong as its capacity to build. Managed properly, the availability of low-cost shale gas could catalyze a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing, revitalizing the chemical industry and enhancing the global competitiveness of energy-intensive manufacturing sectors such as aluminum, steel, paper, glass, and food. This report summarizes and expands upon the University of Michigan-sponsored daylong Symposium "Shale Gas: A Game- Changer for American Manufacturing," held on March 28, 2014 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The Symposium's purpose: to explore how the shale gas boom can be used to the best advantage of U.S. manufacturing. Categories: Current State of Manufacturing, Innovation, Capital and Cost, Federal and Industry Collaboration, Education and Workforce, Regulatory and Policy Recommendations, Sustainability

One Small Step for Energy Efficiency: Targeting Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers- January 2014

The manufacturing sector accounts for about a third of primary energy consumed in the United States. This sector is increasingly relied on to generate energy savings to meet efficiency targets set by states and energy utilities. While most of that effort has sought savings from large manufacturers (the 10% of establishments that account for close to 50% of energy use), more energy efficiency programs are beginning to address the needs facing small to medium-sized manufacturers (SMM). This report discusses barriers, opportunities, and solutions to designing energy efficiency programs that result in significant savings from smaller manufacturers. Categories: Current State of Manufacturing, Federal and Industry Collaboration, Education and Workforce, Regulatory and Policy Recommendations, Best Practices, Sustainability

Analysis of Small Business Innovation in Green Technologies - July 2012

This study finds that small firms are sixteen times more innovative than large firms in patenting green technologies. Categories: Innovation, Sustainability

State of Green Business 2012 - January 2012

The report shows how US companies are doing in 20 aspects of environmental performance- from operational efficiency to employee commuting to investments in clean technologies. A majority of the indicators showed declines that can be determined as a result from the recession. The report also highlights the top 10 sustainable business trends for 2012. Categories: Current State of Manufacturing, Sustainability

2012 Facts About Manufacturing - October 2011

The 2012 Edition of the Facts of Manufacturing is a collection of the key facts and figures that define the state of the U.S. manufacturing industry. The report provides 65 figures that show the importance of the manufacturing sector and challenges that our industry faces. The first section of the report focuses on the importance of U.S. manufacturing in relation to economic growth, employment, the environment, and trade/investment. Section two focuses on current and future challenges in U.S. manufacturing related to competitiveness, innovation, a skilled workforce and trade. Categories: Current State of Manufacturing, Innovation, Global Competitiveness, Education and Workforce, Regulatory and Policy Recommendations

Innovation and Product Development in the 21st Century - February 2010

Focused on addressing the common myths and perceptions about manufacturing and identified the characteristics of successful manufacturers as: innovate constantly to adapt to economic and technological changes; embrace green and green lean; recognize and navigate opportunity in the global value chain; develop and retain current and future talent. Categories: Global Competitiveness, Innovation, Education and Workforce, Best Practices


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