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NanoFab Tool: Kulicke and Soffa Model 4526 Wedge Wire Bonder

Photograph of the Kulicke and Soffa Model 4526 wedge wire bonder.
Photograph of the Kulicke and Soffa Model 4526 wedge wire bonder.

The Kulicke and Soffa Model 4526 wedge wire bonder provides electrical interconnects between a device chip and package using thin aluminum or gold wires. The NanoFab has two wire bonders, one dedicated to gold wire bonding and the other dedicated to aluminum wire bonding.


  • Semi-automatic and manual modes.
  • Independent Z-axis control, separate from X and Y axes controls.
  • Force, power, and time are adjustable on each bond.
  • Maximum stage temperature: 125 °C.
  • Automatic step-back with motorized Y stage for precise wire length and loop formation.
  • Wire diameter: 25 µm.
  • Wire materials: gold and aluminum.

Typical Applications

  • Electrical access to microscale devices and nanoscale devices.
  • Microelectronic packaging.
Created June 19, 2014, Updated December 4, 2019