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Beamline 2: Spectrometer Calibrations

Beamline 2 end-station and clean room

Beamline 2 end-station and clean room.

Absolute irradiance calibrations based on the calculability of synchrotron radiation are performed on beamline 2. See GOES-R/EXIS and SDO as examples.


  • Undispersed synchrotron radiation and instrument aperture are used as a standard of irradiance
  • First experimental station is located 11.6 m from the tangent point (2 gimbals mounted on a milling table)
  • Class 10,000 clean room access to large chamber, located 17.9 m from the tangent point (gimbals inside of the chamber allow instrument rotation; the whole chamber can be translated)
  • Calibrations provided from 2 nm to 400 nm with uncertainty from 0.6% to < 0.1%
  • Clean, hydrocarbon free vacuum to avoid instrument contamination
  • Calibration of ultraviolet and extreme-ultraviolet detector packages for NASA contractors
Created May 14, 2009, Updated June 8, 2020