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Division Organization

Ram Sriram, Division Chief
Jan Madison, Division Secretary

Software and Systems Division (775): Works with industry, academia and other government agencies to accelerate the development and adoption of correct, reliable, testable software, leading to increased trust and confidence in deployed software; promulgates methods to develop better standards and testing tools for today's software infrastructures and tomorrow's next-generation software systems; advances the state of the art of software testing by developing scientifically rigorous, breakthrough techniques to automatically generate tests that are cheaper to develop and more comprehensive; leads efforts for conformance testing, especially at the early stage of standards development; develops integrated test environments to coalesce systems; facilitates the transfer of these activities and technologies into national infrastructures and commercial sectors.

Software Quality Group (775.01) [Group Leader: Barbara Guttman] -- develops tools, methods, and related models for improving the process of ensuring that software behaves correctly and for identifying software defects, thus helping industry improve the quality of software development and maintenance.

Information Systems Group (775.02) [Group Leader: Mary Brady] -- develops and validates novel computational methods, data/knowledge mining tools, and semantic services using systems-based approaches, to advance measurement science and standards in areas such as complex biological systems, translational medicine, materials discovery, and voting, thus improving the transparency and efficacy of decision support systems.

Systems Interoperability Group (775.03) [Group Leader: Kevin Brady] -- develops advanced testing infrastructures and contributes to standards development for ensuring the robustness and interoperability of health IT systems, thus removing technical obstacles to implementation and interoperability and accelerating the adoption of cost-effective health information technology.

Cyber Infrastructure Group (775.04) [Group Leader: John Messina, Acting] -- addresses the integration and interoperability of the various elements (e.g., devices, humans, network of computers) of a cyber-infrastructure by actively contributing to the development of standards, taxonomies, architectures, and implementation testbeds to validate and test cyber-infrastructure related standards and specifications, thus increasing the reliability and effectiveness of the nation's physical and cyber infrastructure.

Created July 16, 2009, Updated June 2, 2021