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Cyber Infrastructure Group

Welcome to the Software and Systems Division's Cyber Infrastructure Group.

The Cyber Infrastructure Group addresses the integration and interoperability of the various elements (e.g., devices, humans, network of computers) of a cyber-infrastructure by actively contributing to the development of standards, taxonomies, architectures, and implementation testbeds to validate and test cyber-infrastructure related standards and specifications, thus increasing the reliability and effectiveness of the nation's physical and cyber infrastructure.


Projects and Programs

Knowledge Facilitation Project

The vision of the Knowledge Facilitation project is to support the eNIST objective to eliminate paper and to automate manual, labor intensive activities. The


Revision of IEEE Std C37.238, Power Profile for IEEE-1588: Why The Big Changes?

Mark Adamiak, Galina Antonova, A. Apostolov, H. Kirrmann, F. Becker, J. Bougie, C. Brunner, W. Dickerson, M. Dood, D. Giarratano, R. Graf, H. Falk, C. Huntley, D. Ingram, YaShian Li-Baboud, K. Martin, R.J. Murphy, B. Muschlitz, M. Renz, G. Rzepka, V. Skendzic, T. Tibbals, B. Vandiver, S. Zimath
Revision and renewal of standards is normally a routine process. This paper describes why revision of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers