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SHREC 2011 Datasets

Please register before downloading the Dataset %20shrec [at] (SHREC[at]nist[dot]gov)

All files can be located in the contest/2011 folder:  

DataSet for SHREC 2011 - Shape Retrieval Contest of Range Scans

  • Download the Sample Range Query Scans <>
  • Download the Sample Target Models <filename:>
  • Download the Target Data Set <filename:>
  • Download the Range Query DataSet <filename:>

DataSet for SHREC 2011 - Shape Retrieval Contest of Non-rigid 3D Watertight Meshes

  • Download the Sample DataSet <filename:>
  • Download the Test DataSet <filename:>
  • Download the Test DataSet (New! No unreferenced vertices contained.) <filename:>
  • Download the Classification file and Evaluation Software <filename:>
Created May 6, 2019