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Speaker Recognition Evaluation 2012

The 2012 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation (SRE12) is part of an ongoing series of evaluations conducted by NIST. These evaluations provide an important contribution to the direction of research efforts and the calibration of technical capabilities. They are intended to be of interest to all researchers working on the general problem of text independent speaker recognition. To this end the evaluation was designed to be simple, to focus on core technology issues, to be fully supported, and to be accessible.

A copy of the SRE12 data usage license agreement can be found here:


A copy of the early registration form is now available:



A copy of the evaluation plan is now available (last updated June 5, 2012):


The 2012 Speaker Recognition Evaluation results are now available:

SRE12 Results Page

Created March 2, 2012, Updated May 20, 2013