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Media Forensics Challenge

The objective of the Media Forensics evaluation series is to support research in, and help advance the state of the art of, image forensics technologies - technologies that determine the region and type of manipulation in a given image. This annual series of evaluations will provide the community with rich resources to aid in the development of the technology.

The first Media Forensics evaluation took place in the summer of 2017 (NC2017).  To prepare for this evaluation, NIST created a pilot data set, the Nimble Challenge ’16  (NC2016) data set, which is available upon request via the contact below.  The second Media Forensics evaluation (MFC2018) was designed using our experience from NC2017. The third Media Forensics evaluation (MFC2019) is currently being developed.

Perspective Media Forensics participants can subscribe to the Media Forensics mailing list for announcements by sending a request to the contact below.

Contact (link sends e-mail)


Created August 25, 2016, Updated November 20, 2018